Hey KEA Students 👋
Lets create something cool for your final exam project 🎉

We’re almost about to launch a new application for students, where our goal is to “make it easy” finding a job relevant to your studies when it’s something creative or digital.

The exam case

If you decide to write your exam project with us, your task will be to create the visual and communicative universe around the platform.

In practice it means create the website around the application. Something that explains and convince why students should

sign up, when they’re looking for a job relevant to their studies, whether it’s freelance or part time.

In the end you will take part, prepare and launch the platform together with all of us, a perfect occasion to write a conclusion for the exam project ‼️

If you wanna hear more about how we create the coolest ‘Final Exam project’ reach out to joakim@projektx.us

–– look forward hearing from you 👋