Ganløse By

TASK: Create a logo and webste universe for the danish city Ganløse By

New Logo

Ganløse By logo is inspired by the significant buildings around the city combined with the classic danish city signs to create unique symbol for the Ganløse By.


To kick off the project, we started out with sketches and finding the visual style suitable for the fresh look. We took the highlights from the city and put it into the casual sign in front of the every city in DK. The result is unique style of the town implemented in very elegant and timeless logo.


The most challenging part in designing the website was information architecture and data structure. Since the website was overfilled with information, posts and articles, our main goal was to create more clean and organized design for all the data. The website is also inspired by the style of old newspapers to emphasize the rich history of the city. Finally we merged around 2000 articles, images and videos combined from Joomla to WordPress.

Before After

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